Digital Creations Design Consortium 
Before After

Like the kids' game, "Can you count the differences"

Composite of three photos and much by-hand retouching.  
Even the front entrance doors had to be drawn in.

The above cut-out from the client's webpage, shows how color, better-angled & well- cropped photos, plus background images, work together to create the impression of abundance, freshness and a more upscale look than the reality.

This composite and re-touch consisted of five photos.  If you look closely, you can see how much of the audience was a mirror image of each side, with re-touches to counteract the clone look.  The effect was so convincing, that the absent business partner accused the auctioneer of lying when told they had a lousy turnout.

Even the smallest detail can make a better impression.
Here, the client decided afterwards that her "look" was too casual.
It was a simple enough task to change her tunic into a dress
and add a demi sleeve.