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. . Complete Affordable Website Design, Domain and Hosting and Maintenance of your website and its content.  
Flexible Options are available to fit your needs, budget and computer skills.  
For those who are comfortable with computers, instruction is available to learn how to make changes on your own webpages.  
Our Hosting Service provides 99.9% up time and was selected for their A+ rating with the online Better Business Bureau.

We offer a customized approach to your website's design based on your business's unique products or services.
Fees are based on the following:

ICANN Domain Name Registration ~ establishing your own website address if you do not already have one,
                              for example:
www.yoursuccessfulbusiness.com fee is $12.00 per year.
Website Creation ~ includes a custom banner (your business sign or logo), and up to six photos and descriptive text. $50.
                           Additional photos, artwork services available at $20. per hour.

Website Hosting ~ only $5. per month, for a limited time, ($60. per year, paid when installed).  
We can work with your existing Hosting Service or transfer your Domain and Website Files to ours.

Our very low fees and flexible pricing accommodates the needs of those who wish to maintain their own website and those who would like for us to take care of everything.
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Creative Worksheet

When designing your website, or any other form of advertising, (like brochures, newspaper ads, signs inside and outside of your business, etc.), consider what ideas you want to project to prospective customers.  Various elements like colors, photos, logos, words, symbols and backgrounds all work together to convey an impression of what your business has to offer, and what makes your business better than another place selling the same goods or services.  You want to give prospective customers as many reasons as practical, to make the effort to come to your business. 

Reasons may include:

  •  Unique items – things that can’t be found elsewhere
  •  Quality – items that have materials of Quality or Craftsmanship, as well as Quality of Customer Service
  • Value – items that are a good value for the money or can save the customer money

Take a moment and think about your customers.  What have they said about your products/ services that they like?  What are the Key Words? What would it take to get a person to try your products for the first time?  Now what can we convey to prospective customers? 

Elements to consider for your overall design: (write down your ideas for each section)

Key Words:

Color Theme: (personal favorite or what works to help convey the impression of your products)

Background:  (solid color or design or photo?)

Banner, Sign, Logo: something that you use consistently to identify YOUR BRAND

Organization:  Many different items may need to be grouped to avoid confusion & visual clutter

What items best show-off your business? Do some items need to be modeled or demonstrated?  Items separate or grouped?

Text:  Give the readers complete descriptions and info as briefly as possible.  It is a balancing act to provide complete information and reasons to come to your business, and yet to keep your website from looking too cluttered and confusing.

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